The 56th annual Hanna District 4-H Show and Sale

The 56th annual Hanna District 4-H Show and Sale rolled into the Town of Hanna on June 11 for members of the host club Hanna Rangeland as well as Dryland and East Sounding Creek.

This year the district had 26 Cleaver Kids (ages 6 to 8), who spent their 4-H year developing their communication skills, making friends, having fun and learning to listen.

The first class of the day was the yearling heifers. Hanna Rangeland had nine members complete the project. Abbegayle Brady’s heifer was chosen for first place with Taylor Mashon placing second.

The first place yearling for Dryland was shown by Jace Powell with second going to Megan Conners.

First for East Sounding Creek was Tanner Madge and second went to Hannah Wagstaff.

Judging conformation for the show was Rod McLeod from Balzac.

Honours for of the Grand Champion Yearling went to Abbegayle Brady and Reserve to Taylor Mashon.

The District 2 year-old Grand Champion was Hannah Wagstaff and Reserve Champion, Kagen Rude.

The district 3-year-old Champion was shown by Hannah Wagstaff and Reserve Champion, Morgan Burgemeister.

District Champion Herd went to Hannah Wagstaff and Reserve Champion, Kagen Rude.

The District Champion Cow/Calf was Hannah Wagstaff’s 3 year-old. Wagstaff’s 2 year-old was also the Reserve Champion.

The final class, District Grand Champion Female went to Hannah Wagstaff’s 3-year-old and Reserve Champion was Abbegayle Brady’s yearling heifer.

The afternoon started with the club steer show.

Hanna Rangeland Seniors:                                                                                                                                                   Class Winner: 1st Ryan Francis, 2nd Walker Hutton.                                                               Showmanship: 1st Ryan Francis, 2nd Morgan Burgemeister.                                                         Grooming: 1st Morgan Burgemeister, 2nd Ryan Francis.

Intermediates:                                                                                                                                       Class Winner: Tayslin Bossert, 2nd Erin Francis.                                                                      Showmanship: Erin Francis, 2nd Sydney McMillan.                                                                        Grooming: Erin Francis, 2nd Abbegayle Brady.

Juniors:                                                                                                                                                   Class Winner: Taylor Mashon, 2nd Spencer McMillan.                                                             Showmanship: Taylor Mashon, 2nd Spencer McMillan.                                                                Grooming: Gavin Brady, 2nd Spencer McMillan.

Hanna Rangeland Grand Champion: Tayslin Bossert. Reserve Champion: Ryan Francis.

Seniors:                                                                                                                                                    Class Winner: Kate Nelson.                                                                                                             Showmanship: Sage Nelson, 2nd Kate Nelson.                                                                                    Grooming: Sage Nelson, 2nd Kate Nelson.

Class Winner: Jace Powell, 2nd Sarah MacPherson.
Showmanship: Blake Laughlin, 2nd Jace Powell
Grooming: Ainsley Nelson, 2nd Jace Powell.

Class Winner: Keldon Powell, 2nd Keegan Conners.
Showmanship: Keldon Powell, 2nd Rorrick MacPherson.
Grooming: Keldon Powell, 2nd Megan Conners.
Dryland Grand Champion: Keldon Powell.  Reserve Champion: Jace Powell.

East Sounding Creek
Class Winner: Tanner Madge, 2nd Kory Mundt.
Showmanship: Kory Mundt, 2nd Kurtis Mundt.
Grooming: Kory Mundt, 2nd Tanner Madge.
Class Winner: Carson Madge, 2nd Kagen Rude.
Showmanship: Carson Madge, 2nd Abgail Mundt.Grooming: Kagen Rude, 2nd Abgail Mundt.
Class Winner: Hannah Wagstaff, 2nd Olivia Mundt.
Showmanship: Hannah Wagstaff, 2nd Olivia Mundt.
Grooming: Hannah Wagstaff, 2nd Olivia Mundt.
East Sounding Creek Grand Champion: Tanner Madge. Reserve Champion: Carson Madge.


Grooming Junior Grand – Gavin Brady, Reserve – Spencer McMillan.
Intermediate Grand – Jace Powell, Reserve – Erin Francis.
Senior Grand – Morgan Burgemeister, Reserve – Sage Nelson.
Showmanship Junior Grand – Keldon Powell, Reserve – Taylor Mashon.
Intermediate Grand – Erin Francis, Reserve – Abgail Mundt.
Senior Grand – Ryan Francis, Reserve – Sage Nelson.

The final decision for Rod Macleod was to declare the 2016 Hanna District Grand Champion Steer, which went to Tayslin Bossert and the Reserve Champion to Tanner Madge.

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