Thanks, Herman Schwenk

Thank you, Herman, for your courage in sharing this latest challenge in your life.  

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions over the years, and for challenging us to think.  Even if we disagreed with you, you pushed us to reassess our own beliefs and positions.

You have been a true pioneer, not just providing for your own family, but sharing your values of honesty and hard work.  

With an eye to a better future, you were bold enough to get involved in Rural Electrification, the Gas Co-op, and numerous other boards to monitor what could be best done for our province.  

You have tried to hold politicians accountable for their decisions.  

You have set an example of what Albertans should be.

May you finish out your days free from fear, trusting in the One Who died to give each of us eternal life.


Pat Holloway

Castor, Alta.

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