Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

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Dear Editor,

We are completely overwhelmed and beyond grateful for all the support we have had over the last couple months! 

Things have been a bit of a blur and we should have done it sooner, but we just weren’t sure how to thank everyone enough or even where to start! 

Since the day of our fire we have been surrounded and supported by the most generous, caring and selfless friends, family, neighbours and community anyone could ever hope for. 

The quick response from neighbours with their fire trucks/water trailers and the EMS and fire units from four surrounding departments, along with friends and family who came and helped in any way possible all contributed to keeping the fire contained to our house and saving us from further loss on a terribly windy day when we were all away from the farm. 

We’re so thankful that nobody was hurt and that we only lost the house, truck and trailer. It really could have been so much worse!

Since that day we have been shown how truly blessed we are! 

We’ve been given so much in so many ways its impossible to list everyone and everything! 

Food brought the day of and after the fire, offers of clothes, furniture, etc., even the use of vehicles till we got ours replaced! 

Also, comforting hugs, an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on, monetary gifts and cards, I could go on and on. 

Please know that we appreciate each and every single act of kindness we have received and hope to be able to “pay it forward”.

Close friends spent hours of their time organizing the Facebook benefit auction for us as well as a trust fund. 

We were shocked and humbled by how much support the auction and trust fund received! 

We want to thank all the ladies who coordinated the benefit auction –  Kim, Lynda, Tracy, Leigha, Anita, Lynnette, Christie and Carol. You guys are truly the best friends anyone could ever have! 

We also need to thank all the generous people and businesses who donated, bid and purchased items! 

We’re beyond thankful and grateful for all of you and we definitely feel very loved! 

Not going to lie, losing our home and possessions to a fire was completely devastating, but the love and support we have been shown from everyone we know or meet has definitely comforted us and eased the stress. 

We appreciate you all!

We’ve always said we lived in the most amazing community surrounded by the most caring and supportive family and friends in the world and you all just proved us right again!

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Dave and Janey Till

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