Tension in Morrin over agenda availability

Tension was prevalent again at the regular Morrin council meeting on Wed. Oct. 19 when addressing a letter from resident John Siemens asking council to approve the expenditure of $1 for the purpose of providing an agenda and the previous month’s minutes to people attending the meetings for the purpose of following along with the political process during the meetings.
He also requested that five copies be made available at the front desk for residents to pick up.
“Nope, you can pay the buck,” said Deputy Mayor David MacLeod.  “We changed the by-law to suit you so it’s going to stay the same.”
Siemens, in the letter, also presented a second option that would not cost the village anything, by putting up a copy of the agenda and the minutes at no cost two days prior to the council meeting on a website, “Morrin Freedom of Information” web page which would be no expense for the village.
“There is no possible way,” stated Deputy Mayor David MacLeod adding, “my opinion, it [the website] is nothing but a personal blog.”

Sewer line troubles fixed
In new business, a letter from John Siemens was read concerning the sewer line troubles he has had since November 2014 until October 6, 2016.
Council disagreed with his statements in the letter regarding when the line was fixed, stating that the engineer’s report shows it was not fixed until Oct. 18.
Siemens indicated the new sewer line east of the sidewalk was attached to the ‘old’ sewer main on Oct. 5 stating in the letter he “no longer have to use my high pressure flush system.  Our sewer for the first time in years has worked as it should.”
Siemens also noted in the letter that a Grayson Excavating employee on Oct. 5 told him the ‘sewer line on village property between the sidewalk and the sewer main had a belly in it and was collecting toilet tissue’.
Council denied that the sewer line had been fixed stating that the engineer’s report they had in front of them showed the sewer line was fixed on Oct. 18 – 19.

“We have the full report from the engineer,” said MacLeod, “so no work was completed on Oct. 6.  I believe the engineer any day.”
Siemens offered to show council the time/date stamped photos from Oct. 5 of the new sewer line but was denied the opportunity.
“Anymore outbursts we’ll have to ask you to leave,” interrupted MacLeod.
The ECA Review was not provided with the engineer’s report as per request by email to the Village office on Thurs. Oct. 20.
In an interview following the meeting with the ECA Review, Siemens confirmed that on Oct. 18 or 19, Grayson Engineering then dug up the sewer line under the sidewalk west to his property line which had not been dug up on Oct. 5 and replaced the entire sewer line from the edge of his property to the ‘new’ sewer main.
Siemens has since sent his photos to the village office.

Council to meet with Lion’s
The Morrin Lion’s Club asked in a letter to council if the village had any projects in mind mentioning ideas they had for the old tennis courts, possibly replacing them with sand for beach volleyball.  Council decided to meet with the Lion’s Club to discuss some ideas.
Council also agreed to the annual sponsorship for the Legion book.

Bronze medal
Coun. congratulated Coun. Al Bremer on his ‘bronze medal’ win in the Alberta Seniors 55+ Snooker competition held in Drumheller on Sept. 29 – Oct. 1.

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