Tell the stories that old buildings can’t

The old buildings have a certain style that is just not in any of the new buildings.

I especially like the old brick buildings.

They just seem so classy with their different colours of brick and the arches and rounded windows.

When I see a picture of an old Coronation hotel with the entrance on the corner of the building I can just see the doorman coming out to help the ladies down from their carriage.

All these old buildings have stories that they could tell. Some would be of history being made and some would just be good stories.

When I am travelling and see an old abandoned house sitting in a field I feel sad for it and wonder what stories it could tell. Buildings are not just a part of the history of a place, they are part of someone’s history.

Someone lived in that old house, they laughed and cried there, they raised a family there and then for some reason, they left.

I really feel sad when I see these wonderful old buildings being destroyed either by man or nature as in a fire or just plain neglect.

When these buildings are gone people can no longer point to them and say this is where such and such happened.

That picture of history either personal or public is gone forever.

Recently the hotel in my home town burned down.

This really bothered me and for a while, I could not understand why.

It was not a fancy old building, just a large wood box of a building.

I had left the area before I was old enough to spend any time in the bar, although I had spent a lot of time in the cafe.

Part of my sadness came from the fact that since I had left the town had dwindled down to a population of around 100.

They had lost the school and the big grocery store. I was afraid that the loss of the hotel was the end of the town.

Then I realized that this building was also a part of my personal history and now it was gone.

My grandchildren could never come to that cafe and tell their children that this is where Nana used to hang out when she was a teenager.

I don’t think they would ever want to do that but the thing is, now they can’t.

Buildings and places are part of your history and your history is what made you the person you are, so tell your family your history, tell them the stories that the buildings can’t.


By Lois Perplitz

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