Telephone fraud identified

Another fraud that is emerging is where the suspects call the potential victim and identify themselves as representing a company.

In the most recent case, the suspect identified themselves as being a representative of Telus.

The suspect then starts requesting information from the potential victim such as driver’s license information.

The phone call eventually results in the suspect asking for financial information (credit card).  In the most recent case the potential victim became suspicious at this point and ended the call.

Another caller ended the call as soon as they asked for her birth date. This was the wise thing to do.

If anyone contacts you (you haven’t initiated the call or the transaction) and they begin to ask for ANY personal information do not give the information until you have verified the legitimacy of the call.

Tell the person that you are going to verify they are from the company they claim to be from.

Look up that company’s number yourself and start checking.

Ask your local police, a family member or friend.  Ask your bank. This simple step can prevent you from becoming a victim.

If the caller puts pressure on you to NOT call anyone under any circumstances, it is a fraud.



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