Tees land ‘a good location for a service station or a store’

Lacombe County is putting up four lots in Tees for sale after consolidating them into one large lot.
Lacombe County Commissioner Terry Hager, told council at its regular meeting Sept. 13, that since the county opened its remote shop in the Hamlet of Tees they don’t need the other lots to park graders.
“We have surplus property in Tees,” he said, adding that someone was previously interested in buying the land but the county couldn’t sell it until the remote shop opened.
Coun. Ken Wigmore asked if the county would have use for the land in the future if a lift station or water reservoirs were needed.
“It would be a shame to part with it for peanuts and buy expensive land in the future.”
Hager said it’s not an ideal spot for a lift station because it’s in the middle of the hamlet.
“It would make a good location for a service station or a store. We reviewed it and we [administration] don’t see where we would need it in the future. If a business starts up there it’s a good thing for the hamlet.”
Council voted in favour of consolidating the four lots into one and putting the land up for sale for at or near market value.

Site development guideline

Lacombe County gave first reading to a bylaw with two amendments to its Site Development Guidelines for industrial parks near Lacombe that would give more clarity in development guidelines.
“Keep industrial storage areas away from ag land”, said Coun. Stephenson.
However Coun. Rod McDermand said he struggled with having different standards for one where the county would allow industrial laydown areas at one site and not others.
Lacombe County Commissioner Terry Hager asked if the county doesn’t allow laydown yards at one industrial park where do they allow them?
“Do we just say no to any type of outdoor storage? We want to consider that opportunity.”
Reeve Paula Law said that although there isn’t a huge need for laydown areas there is a need.
“We need a place for some laydown yards.”
Coun. Barb Shepherd said there is the potential for businesses that only want land for storage and not erect a building.
“If we don’t have a product to offer them then we lose the opportunity for that business.”
Coun. Keith Stephenson said Lacombe County residents don’t want industrial laydown sites in agricultural areas.
“This is a prime place to have a laydown area,” he said about Iron Rail Business Park.

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