Taxes and utilities go up for Coronation residents and businesses

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Taxes in the town of Coronation will go up by 3 per cent in 2013.

“We had to go into reserves, to the tune of $268,200, to create a balanced budget,” said Dawna Elliot, Mayor of Coronation. “We’re not getting the same amount of money from the government or from the County of Paintearth for recreation.”

On May 13 council released its 2013 Operating and Capital Budget. The capital projects planned for this year include, among several things, upgrades to the town swimming pool including more efficient heating and retiling and also replacing the arena condenser.

“Thank Barry Brigley, our recreation officer, for getting your pool open,” said Elliot to members of Coronation School’s grade six class, who sat in on the May 13 council meeting.  “He’s the one who found the grants to repair the pool.”

The total cost for all capital projects planned in 2013 is $936,118. Most of the money used to fund these projects was obtained through federal grants.

Taxpayers will end up paying $13,000 toward helping fund capital projects in 2013.

Capital projects for 2013 include:

Security systems for town facilities                     $6,000
Fire Department bunker gear                              $20,000
Fire Department radios                                         $25,456
2 inch water pump for Fire Department            $2,200
New rental residence for physicians                   $92,500
Pavement repairs                                                    $50,000
Handheld water meter reader                              $6,500
Sewer main upgrading on Norfolk Avenue and Edward Street     $147,800
Railway Avenue land development                    $200,000
Arena condenser replacement                             $33,000
Swimming pool upgrades                                     $260,160

Total capital projects:                                            $936,118
“Property assessments went down this year,” said Sandra Kulyk, Town CAO. “An increase in taxes combined with lower property assessments means residential taxpayers likely won’t notice a difference on their tax bill.”

However, commercial properties will likely be affected.

Utilities Increase

A utilities bylaw was also passed on May 13 to offset the costs for provision of water, sewer and garbage services, without requiring tax dollars to offset the operating deficit, as what happened in previous years.

A $25 monthly flat rate charge will go into effect for all active water accounts to cover part of the cost for infrastructure.

In previous years, residents paid a monthly flat rate charge of $35, which included 10 cubic meters of water, and $2.50 for every cubic meter of water used over the given 10 cubic meters.

Residents will now pay a monthly flat rate charge of $25 and a fee of $2.50 for every cubic meter of water used.  All non-residential property owners will now pay a minimum charge of $21 or 28 per cent of their water consumption, whichever is greater per month. This charge went up from $14.

Monthly sewer rate charges went up by $4.50.  All residential property owners will now have to pay $13.50 per month.

Garbage collection rates went up .50 cents for residential properties. Single family residential customers who have one weekly garbage pickup will now be paying $12 per month.

The monthly charge for dumpsters with multiple pickups per week will go up $90 from $170 to $260 per month.

BFI Canada rates charged to the town increased by 3.5 per cent.

Paintearth Lodge Requisition

The annual 2013 requisition for the Town of Coronation from the Paintearth Lodge has increased by 35 per cent from last year, which is approximately $10,000 more than last year.

The 2013 requisition for the Paintearth Lodge from the Town of Coronation is $37,820.

The town of Coronation is mandated by the provincial government, through a ministerial order, to pay this amount.  Taxpayers will see this increase on a separate tax line on their tax bill this year.

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