Tax rate increase did not pass third reading

The two per cent mill rate increase, which was proposed and agreed upon by council on December 8, 2015 did not pass a required unanimous third reading by council during their regular meeting on Tues., May 10.
Councillor Kruse was the sole opposition in passing the motion stating that “it was not the right economic climate to raise taxes”.

CAO Kim Neill reminded Coun. Kruse that council had agreed to raise taxes this past December, and although they had hoped for an economic windfall to avoid that option, it did not occur.

Councillor Preston said that although he didn’t want to raise taxes either, that it was “more palatable to do a two per cent raise now than 10 per cent later”.

The tax rate has not changed since 2010.

Upon further discussion Coun. Kruse attempted to retract his third reading opposition however it was decided to table the discussion until the next meeting.

More information on fibre optics

Jason O’Connor from Axia: Fibre Optic Internet made Axia’s second presentation to council on Tues., May 10 to further the discussion about installing a fibre optic network in Hanna.

Councillor Campion told council following the presentation that he “Won’t make a decision with no paperwork, no information, no plan on a 100 year commitment without knowing what the information is about.”

O’Connor said that Axia would provide Hanna with a municipal access agreement for the town to sign and once that first step is completed will initiate the process start on the engineering plans.

Tenant destroys house

Deb Sabine of Hanna requested that council waive the service fee to her 5th Ave. home in light of the fact that her last tenant destroyed her rental home.

“It’s been trashed to the point where it may have to be demolished,” she told council.

Sabine told council that she did not have the money to have it accessed to determine if the property needs to be condemned.

Mayor Warwick told Sabine that council was not prepared to make a decision without more information.

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