Tax increase for the Town of Hanna

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Council met May 14 to discuss the Operating and Capital Budget.  CAO Kim Neill revealed the town had to use $198,311 from reserves to balance the 2013 budget.
“We’re hoping we won’t need to use all funds from the reserve,” said Neill. “If revenues are higher than anticipated, like they were in 2012, then we won’t need all the money from reserves.”
In 2012 council did not need to bring in any money from reserves.
A fair portion of tax revenue brought in in 2013 is due to new assessments. This means revenue is being brought in off of new development, rather than from taxing the same people for the same property.  Mayor Nikota says this is a sign of growth for the town.
“This is a good sign of things to come in town,” said Nikota.
Council also discussed potentially spending $60,000 for a 6 – 8 week infrastructure study conducted by MPE Engineering.  The study would provide a thorough and in depth look at what needs to be fixed in town– essentially it would give council a road map for the future.
“We want to spend our money in the best place,” said Nikota. “There is no point in fixing anything on the surface if we don’t know what’s underneath.”
Residents of the Town of Hanna will only notice a difference on their tax bill if their property assessment went up or down this year.

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