Talk about a shell game!

Dear Editor,

I seldom read a daily paper anymore but on Jan. 9 while I was waiting in a doctor’s office at the U of A hospital, I skimmed the National Post.

In the Financial Post section, an article entitled “Chevron, Occidental buy stake in carbon capturing firm backed by Bill Gates and Murray Edwards” caught my eye.

I was sarcastically thinking, “Yay, another item about the meaningless exercise in futility called carbon capture”.

The article boasts of American oil giants Chevron and Occidental investing in a Squamish, BC company called Carbon Engineering. It also has a rather large picture of Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and states that he is also an investor in the company.

As I read through the article and found out about the new kind of carbon sequestration that this company is developing. I had difficulty restraining myself from making an angry verbal outburst that would have made quite a scene because of the contemptible stupidity demonstrated by everyone involved in this article.

This includes the author of the article, the editor(s), Bill Gates and his ilk, Chevron and Occidental executives, Carbon Engineering itself, and even the many National Post readers that did not raise an eyebrow over this article.

Carbon capture technology is the process of using technology to remove and capture carbon dioxide from fossil fuel emissions so that less (or no) CO2 is released into the air.

In the case of Carbon Engineering, they have gone one step further and developed a method of scrubbing CO2, not just from exhaust emissions, but from general atmospheric air.

The practice of carbon capture is both futile and potentially dangerous. Futile because of the minuscule scale that they are discussing in comparison to the natural carbon sequestering that is happening all the time in our oceans through the formation of limestone and through photosynthesis on land and sea.

Potentially dangerous because if they ever do ramp up this technology enough to significantly reduce the atmospheric CO2, our food supply will be at risk.

This requires more explanation. Oceans constantly and efficiently remove CO2 from the air every day through the deposition of limestone (calcium carbonate – CaCO3).

This happens mainly organically through shellfish living and dying and their shells sinking to the ocean floor to form limestone.

This has been happening for hundreds of millions of years and over that time, despite infusions of more CO2 into the air through volcanic activity, this process has reduced CO2 from in excess of 5000 parts per million (ppm) to the record low of 278 ppm just before the industrial revolution.

Estimates vary, but today the Earth’s crust is between five and 10 per cent limestone.

That is an unbelievable amount of sequestered CO2! This makes human efforts at carbon sequestration futile in comparison.

Interestingly, if you go to the Carbon Engineering website and read about their four-step Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, you will find that the first two steps mimic and accomplish exactly what the oceans do, they scrub the CO2 out of the air and produce pellets of calcium carbonate, better known as limestone!

In steps three and four, they burn natural gas for heat to convert the CACO3 into lime (CaO) and slaked lime (Ca(OH)2) while capturing purified CO2.

They boast of being able to produce “carbon neutral” purified CO2 because the CO2 that they remove from the air to make the calcium carbonate pellets makes up for the CO2 released when they are burning the natural gas.

Talk about a shell game!

It would be really ironic if their purified CO2 was used to inject into greenhouses to increase plant growth!

Hopefully, you are beginning to see what I mean by “contemptibly stupid”!

The other more minor but vitally important contributor to natural carbon sequestration is of course photosynthesis, the process that converts sunlight, water and CO2 to sugar and makes life possible on this earth.

It also allowed for the vast deposits of fossil fuel deposits that we have been blessed with. Here is where the potentially dangerous part comes in.

If humans were to somehow reduce CO2 levels to 150 parts per million, all plants and therefore all life on Earth would die.

Of course, that is not going to happen, but as I have previously mentioned, for every increase or decrease of 100 ppm you get an approximate corresponding increase or decrease of 10 – 15 per cent in plant growth and therefore, food production.

Again, hopefully, you see where I am going.

Maybe farmers worldwide should be preparing to sue Carbon Engineering and their investors for damages due to reduced crop production potential.

Maybe we also should throw in the climate alarmist environmentalists and the whoring politicians as part of the suit as well!

How could so many people who are supposedly so smart have missed this and fallen for this carbon capture bravo sierra?

Who is to blame for this “contemptible stupidity”?

In Canada, I blame our education system and feel that I have the right to do so as I am a science teacher.

We are not teaching students logic, critical thinking and the basics of how the Earth works. If everyone knew what I just explained about limestone deposition, photosynthesis and the history of atmospheric CO2 levels on the Earth, we would all be able to see through the climate alarmist garbage.

Worldwide, I blame the United Nations and their neo-pagan globalist agenda, but there is not enough space to elaborate on that here. Canadians, please think well about these issues.

Do not believe the liberal media and liberal politicians; seek truth, look into it yourself.


Eric Neilson

Castor, Ab.

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