Sweet week at Hughenden School

Grade 9 student Grace Oxamitny, right, gives a pre-purchased candy gram to Grade 4 student, Tianna Jennings. ECA Review/Submitted

Santa Claus has come early, bringing festive treats to Hughenden Public School (HPS).

Grade 9 students Brenna Swanson and Grace Oxamitny have been selling candy grams at lunch hour in the foyer to raise enough money to buy animals for a village.

Oxamitny’s favourite part of selling candy canes was “Being able to help kids in the school connect through candy canes and being able to provide animals to a village.”

Grade 4 student Shayanna Janzen, when asked, answered, “That we get to give them to people”.

She added, her favourite candy canes were the rainbow ones. Candy grams are a great way for the students at HPS to connect with one another and to learn to be more caring towards their fellow students.

Candy grams are candy canes that students buy for 50 cents each then they can tie a kind message to it and then the candy cane will be delivered to the addressee the following morning during class.

This does teach students to be kind but the money earned also goes towards a greater cause: To help a poor village or family have access to a more sustainable source of food through World Vision.

by Kendra Holte and Miena Van Hoek


Annual fundraiser

On Sat. Nov. 24, the 2019 Graduating Class of Hughenden Public School hosted their annual Christmas market fundraiser.

The Grade 12 students organized the gym and set up tables for many community companies to sell their products.

The businesses represented included  Avon, Rebel Ridge Soaps and United Church with an ever-popular bake sale.

While some patrons were busy browsing the wares, others were enjoying lunch in the Home Ec room, which was prepared by the Grade 12 students themselves.

The children enjoyed wagon rides led by Jack Roworth, Gene Campbell and Linda Gilbertson, and Santa Claus paid us a visit!

The kids lined up to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas and the Grade 12 students handed out candy bags!

“Overall the market was a great success and it once again confirmed the very supportive community that we live in”, said Ms. Susan Reynolds, a teacher at HPS.

Grade 7 student Alyssa Carson said, “Besides the cold weather, I really enjoyed the sleigh rides and the Santa visit was the best we’ve ever had!”

by Maja Congdon and Brenna Swanson

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