Surprise! Surprise!

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The government announced that as of Thurs. March 18 the border would be closed to non-essential travel between Canada and the USA, however commercial traffic would continue.

I was reading a column by Brian Lilley in the Edmonton Sun and in it he stated that what the government didn’t announce was that the border crossing for irregular [illegal] migrants would remain open at Roxham Rd. from New York into Quebec.

When the RCMP was contacted about the issue they confirmed that this was so.

Well, in fact, the border did not officially close until Sat. March 21.

Surprise, surprise the Liberals finally had to back down. There was just no way that they could justify migrants crossing illegally as essential travel into Canada however this would be a temporary measure.

Can you just imagine the hand ringing that must have gone on with Trudeau and his Liberal cohorts on having to back down on their signature world social program to convince the UN that Canada is a caring and compassionate nation and should be rewarded with a seat on the UN Security Council.

According to what I read in that column in the Sun there were 1086 of these people that crossed into Canada at that crossing in January and that was up about 200 from last year.

In the last three years, there were somewhere between 50 and 60 thousand of these migrants that have crossed illegally into Canada.

These are people that are being allowed to jump the queue and preventing and delaying people from immigrating into Canada through the proper channels.

These people are not refugees, they are economic migrants that are being allowed to come into Canada illegally and costing the government a lot of money.

Not only that, the RCMP were directed to assist them.

Not so long ago protesters were blocking rail lines in Canada. The police were standing by and not doing a thing about it.

Trudeau said the police had to make their own decision, that the government could not tell them what and when to do it. So then it seems damn funny that they could instruct the RCMP to assist the migrants to cross the border from crossing illegally. That was not an RCMP decision.

So here we have the Prime Minister being a hypocrite again and no one holding him to account for it.

I think we all know that the Liberals love to spend someone else’s money and they aren’t too careful about how they spend it.

According to a letter my MP Damien Kurek wrote in a paper last week they gave $50 million to Mastercard, a company that made $16 billion in 2019.

They gave $12 million to Loblaws—the company that owns superstore—to buy fridges that they didn’t need. Now with COVID-19 raging around the world and in this country, destroying the world economy I will bet that they are just jumping up and down with glee.

This past week they announced an aid package of $82 billion for Canada; $27 billion to top up unemployment insurance and provide funds for self-employed and other laid-off people.

In addition, they are providing $55 billion to meet the liquidity needs of Canadian businesses and households through tax deferrals to help stabilize the economy.

They have also indicated that they would be prepared to grant financial assistance to the energy sector, the airline industry and others. Here I would guess that we are talking another $100 billion.

With our current circumstances, this is probably necessary and of course, the opposition could not criticize the needed assistance.

If the liberals had a record of spending public money responsibly like the Conservatives did in 2008 I wouldn’t be so concerned.

What really gets me is that when this is over they will be expecting the public to treat them like heroic saviours and be rewarded in the next election.


by Herman Schwenk

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