Surely the figure was a typo

Dear Editor,
Surely the figure in the December 27 issue of the ECA Review is a typo error. I have been watching the F-35 issue very close and the last number that I am aware of is 42 million dollars not 92 million. Regardless of which number is correct it is still a phony issue and I am surprised that facts weren’t checked.   I figured out that this is a manufactured issue by the main stream media and the liberal left wing opposition to make the Government look bad.
I wrote a letter to this publication in May explaining how and why this issue was a red herring. The December 13, 2012 issue of the Calgary Sun published a column written by Brian Lilley from Sun News Media that essentially made the same point that I did. The capital cost and the operating cost of those planes are two separate issues. In his column Brian stated that the auditing firm KPMG stated that the cost of purchasing the F-35 was less than nine million dollars. This is the same amount that the government had originally estimated, however this fact was ignored by the press. The government had been telling the truth from the beginning.
In his column he made the same point that I did.  It wouldn’t matter which plane was purchased, the long or short term operating cost would be the same. When you buy an automobile the operating cost is not part of the purchase price.
The estimated annual cost of operating the CF-18s is about a billion dollars a year. That is the same number that KPMG estimates it would cost to operate a new fleet of fighter planes regardless of which plane is purchased. So what is the big deal?
Did you know that the annual cost of operating a fleet of fighter planes is less than it costs the Federal government to subsidize the CBC! It is quite obvious that the CBC would be of no help in defending Canada’s interests in a world that is becoming ever more unstable.
The opposition and the consensus Media (as the Sun Media refer to them) really don’t want Canada to have a military that is capable of defending our interests. They think Canada should only be involved in peacekeeping. How in the world do you keep peace when there is no peace to keep? It is about time that common sense prevailed on this issue. Canada needs a top notch fleet of fighter planes sooner rather than later. The CF18s are past their ‘best before date’ and need to be replaced.
Herman Schwenk
Coronation, AB


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