Supporting those in need

The students and staff at Theresetta School were looking very bright on Wed. Feb. 22, as many were seen wearing their best pink shirt in support of the Red Cross’s Anti-Bullying campaign.
Classes reflected on why they were wearing pink shirts and what it means to stand up against bullying. Many thoughtful students helped support the campaign.
With the season of Lent starting by the time this article goes to print, the staff and students at Theresetta School have started to think about how they, as a whole school, can come together and provide some support for someone in need.
The junior high religion class has been hard at work deciding on the details of our school Lenten fundraiser.
This year we will be working towards raising enough money, at school and our local parish, to support the schooling of a young lady in El Salvador.
The junior highs have selected a young woman that we wish to support in her education goals. As a fundraiser, the students, and parish members will be able to bring in 50 cents to purchase a paper doll cut from recycled paper.
The dolls will then be decorated with the person’s name and will be hung in our hallway.
As a school, our goal is to sell enough paper dolls to make a paper doll chain from the Kindergarten room at the north end, all the way down the hall to the wooden cross at the south end of the school.
All funds raised will be forwarded on to the Rainbow of Hope for Children Organization who work towards helping people in less fortunate countries.
Hopefully, we can help this young girl in her mission to further her education. We will keep you updated with our progress throughout the 40 days of lent.
Over the last couple of weeks the Grade 1/2s have been setting individual goals for themselves to work on throughout the week.
They chose accountability partners to check in with once in the middle of the week and once at the end of the week to make sure they are closer to accomplishing their goals.
It is really neat to see their acceptance of responsibility when they are coming up with their own goals and checking in to make sure they are achieving the goal.
This semester during our Career and Technology Studies (CTS) option classes, students have a couple of options to choose from. The school is excited to be offering a coding class, a drama class, a band class, and outdoor education.
In coding, the students and Mr. Fetaz are working on personal projects dealing with controlling robots that they assemble.
In drama, the students and Miss Loonen will be working towards presenting a play production to the school, community, and other invited schools, by the end of the year.
In band, the students, led by Mr. Finkbiner, are able to pick from a variety of instruments from an acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, drums, and even the banjo.
In outdoor education, with Mr. Ries, the students are working towards their end of the year trip to Kootenay Plains by learning outdoor skills and planning their trip details.
The grade 3/4 class has begun it’s first class W.I.G. (Wildly Important Goal).
The class is working on keeping their classroom clean. So far the class is doing great and is well on its way to having a scavenger hunt around the school yard, which is the prize for completing their W.I.G. for one whole month. Keep it up!
The Jr. ATB bank was open on Thurs., Feb. 23.  All nine employees were present and they helped 17 customers.  This month’s winner of the $25 gift card was Abby Fuller.  Our next deposit day will be March 23.

In basketball news, the mini dunker students from grades 4 – 6, travelled to Stettler on Mon. Feb. 13, to play in a 3 on 3 mini tournament.
Students from the mini-dunkers after school program went to play mini-games against Stettler Elementary School, Donalda, Botha, and Christ King Elementary school kids and did very well, even though they never kept score.
On Feb. 25, the girls team hosted the Brownfield girls for a close back and forth game with our Knights coming out victorious.
The following Wed. Feb. 22, the girls battled against Big Valley. It was an action packed game and the girls again were able to clinch the win. Good work girls!
The boys Knights basketball team eventually began playing some solid basketball versus Big Valley Wed. Feb. 22, after school and showed some good form.
Because a few experienced Knights players were lost to the disabled and illness list the team will chalk this exhibition game up as great and valuable experience for our more junior players in advance of the CARA tournament.
Thanks again coach Roland, parents and fans for supporting us during all of our games!

by K. Smawley

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