Sunday morning, all of Paula’s plans went up in smoke

Diane Dammann
ECA Review Submitted

I  stopped in at the Hotel on Saturday morning to check out the plans for Santa Daze.  Paula, the hotel manager, had chicken cacciatore and jambalaya dinners for a donation to the Christmas Sharing program.  They have been serving different dinners on Saturday nights for the donation to the Christmas Sharing.
Paula has painted the apartment upstairs prior to moving in.  She is in Alliance from Monday afternoon to Saturday night when she returns to Edmonton.  She has added a piano and had it turned for the return of the jam sessions that were so popular.

About 2:30 Sunday morning, all of Paula’s plans went up in smoke.  The hotel caught fire and burned to the ground in about an hour.  It took about 25 fire fighters from Alliance and surrounding towns to contain the fire. The big spruce trees just behind the hotel are still standing as are the decorations between the hotel and the village office.  Just the hotel was lost but it is a huge loss for our little village.  It was built in 1915 and served many uses in it’s long and colourful lifetime.  No one was injured but there sure are some tired volunteers.
I finally met Ashley Sacha at the market on Saturday.  Ashley and fiance Rocky Bishop have purchased the former Guhl acreage just east of Alliance.  Ashley had her friend, Jessica Hatton of Edmonton with her.  It was Jessica’s first time in Alliance. She is a music major at Augustana and a friend of Julie, our grandson’s girlfriend.  
Destiny Metcalf, and son Nathan and Jason Courtemanche came from Olds to live in the double wide at Steven Van Hecke’s.  I always ask, “Why Alliance”.  Jason is a cousin of Amanda Goudet who lives in the trailer at Cecile Van Hecke’s.  
Some families were home for the weekend.  Sharon Weins and daughter, Meghan were at George and Emma Bullee’s.
Mandy Fuller and daughter Elizabeth had a table with their Mary Kay at the Market.  
Grant McMahon and Florence always come from Camrose with Florence’s great art work.  Grant called Alliance home for many years.
The Travel Club provided soup and sandwiches for lunch at the market on Santa Daze.  The UCW sold desserts.  There were 42 tables for vendors.
The library basket of goodies was won by Emma Bullee and the stocking of children’s toys was won by Donna Chalifoux. These prizes couldn’t have gone to more deserving ladies.  Emma buys, plants, weeds and waters the flowers in front of the library all summer long.  Donna fills in for Tracy in the library, looks after the crib players on Wednesday nights and decorated the meeting room for Christmas.
The fireworks display was awesome.  It certainly was cold for Jerry Mandel and crew out there lighting all those firecrackers.  
The Multiplex was nice and warm and that is where the hot chocolate and hot dogs were dispensed.  The huge bonfire had trouble getting going because the wood was too green.  It was great to have the Multiplex as a backup.
The Alliance Rockets played Lougheed at 8 o’clock.  
The CFCW Critters are coming January 31 to Alliance.  The kid that sells the most $5 tickets to the game gets to play on the Critters team.  Keegan Miller sold me my tickets and he has more for you. Keegan is Norm and Tamina’s son and he is a good hockey player.
There was a baby shower for Parker Lindquist, son of Tammy and Nate, on November 24 at the Fun for All Center.  Parker’s grandmothers, Linda Borson and Sina Lindquist hosted the shower for about 40 guests.  Myrna Mackey of Killam was a great grandmother who was in attendance.  Gabrielle Mackey of Viking, a great aunt came too.  Shyla Lindquist came from Killam.  Erin Bunney and children, Max, Cadance and Christopher came from Duchess.  There were lots of lovely gifts and no duplicates.  
Betty and Dale Stoner had a house full on the weekend including Betty’s Dad, sister and husband and grandchildren.
Marie Rands, who is now living in Paintearth Lodge, came for the smorgasbord at the Valley Inn on Saturday and we all enjoyed seeing her.
Elizabeth and Alex Gaal are home from their trip to Hungary to see family so the “fur” is really flying as everyone gets in line to get their hair cut again.

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