Suggested two per cent water increase over next five years

Hanna Town Council reviewed a letter from Garth Carl, CAO/Operations Director of the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services, at their regular Tues. Feb. 12 meeting which suggested an annual increase of two per cent in water rates over the next five years to build up capital reserves for future projects.

Kelly Scott of Atco Power Canada Ltd. notified that the company has filed an application to alter the Sheerness Power Plant to convert two of its existing generating units, Units #1 and #2, from coal-fuelled to natural gas-fuelled under the Hydro & Electric Energy Act.

Diana Boxma, a resident of Hanna, sent Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Kim Neill an email expressing her concern about the Town of Hanna contributing money towards a splash park inHanna.

This will come before Council at the next meeting.

Judith Isaac, a Hanna resident who recently moved from Abbotsford, B.C., told councillors she is concerned about the air quality in Hanna, specifically when cars are idled in the cold weather.

Isaac believes her health is challenged by vehicle exhaust and would like to see Council address the issue.

Isaac herself uses a bicycle as her mode of transportation and encouraged the listeners to “Go back to nature. Safety is #1. Health

goes with it.”

Grants approved

The province has approved the Community Center Project application valued at $421,616 under the MSI Capital Program. Emmanuelle Sajous, Director General of Major Events Canadian Heritage, wrote the application for funding for Canada Day

Events in the amount of $1,500 and has been awarded under the Celebrate Canada Component.


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