Stunting results in rollover, minor injuries; RCMP upping the ante

Two passengers endured a rollover at Fox Lake Campground after performing donuts in the area. Charges will be laid. ECA Review/Submitted
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A group of teenagers were doing “donuts” in the parking lot of Fox Lake Campground on May 24 at approximately 10:50 p.m.

They lost control of the vehicle causing it to roll.

Two people were injured and taken to hospital via ambulance and are in stable condition.

The driver of the vehicle was charged with stunting as well as failing to have registration on the vehicle.

An investigation into any damage done to the property is being conducted and charges will be laid accordingly.

This could mean a criminal charge of mischief.

Driving behaviour has become a priority in Hanna.

There has been an increase in poor driving behaviour, distracted driving, stunting, creating excessive noise, vehicle equipment standards etc.

It is unfortunate that educating drivers through warnings has not worked and we will be going to the next level now to address the problems.


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