Studying rocks in science class

The Grade 3/4 class on the buffalo rubbing stone during their field trip to Sullivan Lake on Oct. 7. From the left, sitting: Zachary Zimmermann, Brody Schulmeister, Ethan Weber, Anthony Heidecker, Finlay Hanton, Shawn Green and Chantel Green. Standing: Rylee Charbonneau, Murry Bicknell, Leah Boxma, Sky Barnes, Tessa Beaumont and Phoenix Johnson. ECA Review/Submitted

The Grade 3/4 class enjoyed a field trip to Sullivan Lake on Mon. Oct. 7 to explore and examine rocks.

The class is currently studying rocks in science class and they were very excited to get outside and see what types of rocks they could discover in their own area!

The class’s final destination was the Buffalo Rubbing Stone, a huge rock along the shore of Sullivan Lake.

The students were all dusty smiles and dirty hands when they got back to school to unpack their new rock collections.

The following week they inspected and learned about the rocks they were able to collect along their trip.

Glee Club new this year

The Glee Club, a new club to Theresetta this year, held their weekly practice at the Paintearth Lodge on Oct. 9.

The group was happy to make use of the beautiful piano and large room in the lodge while providing a little entertainment for residents.

The club will be doing their practices at the lodge once a month for the rest of the year.

The Grade 1/2 music class travelled to the Paintearth Lodge on Oct. 8 to sing several  Thanksgiving songs for the residents.

The residents especially enjoyed the song called the Turkey Pokey that had the kids “putting their tail feathers in and shaking them about!”

The Grade 5/6 music class also began their monthly visits to the Long Term Care on Oct. 15.

They performed a variety of songs which included a wonderful rendition of The Pilgrim’s Progression that had the students singing accompanied by bells, recorders and drums.

All of the Grade 1/2 and 5/6 students really enjoy their visits to the Lodge or Long Term Care every month as they love performing.

It is such a wonderful opportunity to have audiences so close by to the school!

Elle White, Sorin Osetsky Bartlett and Caydence Schulmeister inspect the crockpot of applesauce as they learn about the classic fruit in their Kindergarten class on Oct. 17. ECA Review/Submitted

All about apples

The Kindergarten class has been learning about and doing many things with apples.

The yummiest part had been making homemade crockpot applesauce together on Thurs. Oct. 17.

Others in the school also enjoyed the delicious smells of fall wafting through the halls.

Learning the democratic process

On Fri. Oct. 18, the Theresetta students participated in a Student Vote where the students listened to a presentation about each federal political party and leader, led by the Grade 5/6 class.

Trying something different this year, the political parties identity was withheld so students had to vote for a party based on which one aligned most with their personal beliefs, opinions and values.

The leaders were then voted on by using a separate ballot and students voted to elect which leader they thought would be the best for the country.

After all the pencil dust settled, the Theresetta student body chose to elect the Conservative Party of Canada with 25 out of 76 votes, which is 33 per cent of the vote, with the Liberals coming in second with 18 per cent and the NDPs getting 17 per cent.

Students then chose to elect Damien Kurek for the Conservative Party of Canada as our Member of Parliament with 46 out of 76 votes, which is 61 per cent of the vote.

It was an interesting voting process and was great to see students getting involved in the democratic process!

Mobile unit for hands-on classes

If you have driven by Theresetta School in the past two months, you would have noticed a rather large trailer sitting in the parking lot.

That trailer is a mobile classroom, owned by the East Central Catholic School Division, and it will be at Theresetta for the first semester of this year.

The trailer itself is meant to house the Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) classes offered by the division’s schools.

This semester, the Grade 7-9 classes have two CTF options happening in the trailer.

First, is the small engines class where students have the opportunity to use a Briggs and Straton kit which includes 10 brand new engines to assemble and disassemble to get in some valuable hands-on learning.

It also includes textbooks to understand all the parts and pieces they are working on and tools to complete the engine work.

Secondly, the Junior Highs have a sewing class happening in the trailer simultaneously with every student having access to their own sewing machine.

Sewing is such a good life skill that comes in handy many times throughout our lives.

Eleanor Mah is sharing her skills, knowledge and talent with the students in the CTF Sewing class.


Theresetta is once again participating in the Jr. ATB program this year and training is underway in preparation for the grand opening which took place on Tues. Oct. 22.

Seven Grade 3/4 students have been hard at work during some of their lunch breaks to learn the process and expectation of operating the school’s bank.


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