Students in “Take A Child to Work Day”

Grade 9 Hughenden Public School students, Zachary Rochon and Loren Mitchell work hard in the kitchen of the Wainwright McDonald’s on Wed. Nov. 14 for ‘Take A Child to Work Day’.
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The Grade nine class of Hughenden Public School left school grounds to shadow adults of their choice in their field of work for the day on Wed. Nov. 14.

Jobs chosen to shadow varied from prenatal nursing to slaving behind the fryer at McDonald’s.

As a requirement in their health class, students were successful in completing tasks of the jobs and careers they got behind on Wednesday.

“Take your kids to work day gave students an opportunity to experience what it’s like to spend an entire day at work and explore possible future careers,” said Cathy Samson, the Grade 9 health teacher.

Students were required to create poster projects that included the roles and responsibilities of the worker they were shadowing.

These roles varied drastically as each job had many tasks and there were so many jobs experienced.

Students were also required to state their likes and dislikes of the job.

Looking at these statements of preference, you can really see the range of personalities among these young people.

“I think “Take your kid to work day” was a very educational way for us to organize our future and help us consider all the aspects of a career,” said Grade 9 student Maja Congdon, to the agreement of her peers.

“Take your kid to work day” was liked by all students and was a great learning opportunity for them.


by Grace Oxamitny and Brenna Swanson

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