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Harlyn Bunbury, Leah Boxma and Hailey Rowland playing bingo on Fri. April 12 trying to win themselves some cookies! ECA Review/Submitted
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Students and staff at Theresetta School, Castor are very happy to finally be enjoying some consistent spring weather.

The extra minutes of sunshine make the days seem lighter and spread positivity.

Many students have started spending the majority of their afterschool and weekend time outside after being cooped up for so long.

Theresetta students in Grades 5 to 9 attended the candidate’s forum for the Drumheller-Stettler constituency in Stettler on April 1 at the Stettler Community Center.

Students were invited to email questions to the organizers ahead of the event and some of the questions were used during the forum.

Three Theresetta students, Brayden Rowland, Kyla Beaumont and Kolby Renschler, even posed their own question to the candidates during the open mic portion.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to see the candidates that they have been talking about in class first-hand and hear their responses to important issues affecting their area.

Students felt humbled to be positively recognized by the candidates and the audience at the event for coming out to such an event at their age just to be apart of the democratic process.

Field Trip

The Grade 9 class travelled to Wainwright on April 11 to present to their school board trustees.

This is an annual event where all schools in the division take turns presenting to the board so the trustees have the chance to hear about all the happenings at the schools.

The class created a presentation about Theresetta and highlighted all the things they enjoy about their school.

The group took on a leadership role as they wrote, produced and presented the entire thing themselves.

As they are the graduating class of Theresetta, they reflected on the past 10 years at the school and shared some favourite memories.

Harlyn Bunbury, Leah Boxma and Hailey Rowland playing bingo on Fri. April 12 trying to win themselves some cookies! ECA Review/Submitted

Cookie bingo

To end the week with a bang, the entire school came together to play some rounds of cookie bingo!

This is one of the two lent fundraisers happening at the school this year.

Students purchased as many cards as they wanted with all proceeds going to the Rainbow of Hope for Children Organization.

The students then tested their luck in the hunt to win a bag of freshly baked cookies! It was a fun way to end the day and cap off a very busy week!

Program visitors to the school

The Junior High girls took a short trip to the Evangelical Missionary Church on April 4 to learn about, and help out with, the Days for Girls program that makes reusable feminine products for school girls in developing countries.

The program is aimed at helping to give girls the supplies they need to be able to attend school which in turn helps them build a life for themselves.

The Theresetta girls were happy to hear about the program Kathy Weber and the other ladies volunteer to help out with.

It’s a great cause helping to empower and provide opportunities to girls around the world.

On April 9, FacetoFace Ministries visited Theresetta once again for a fun-filled day of worship and spiritual reflection to help encourage students to develop their individual faith journeys.

The school enjoyed an opening session together where everyone learned about this year’s retreat day focus, “doing things on purpose” before breaking up and having grade centred sessions throughout the day.

The school came together at the end of the day to reflect on the ideas that each grade explored.

Students and teachers always enjoy when FacetoFace visits as the retreat leaders, Ryan and Daniel, are always amazing at empowering, inspiring and energizing everyone, reminding us about to positively affect our own faith journeys.


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