Students give sustainability update

Clive council

Clive students Darci Rauhala and Amy Oquinn told Clive council how to make the village a better place.

The Grade 9 students, along with Karen Sander of Parkland Community Planning Services, gave a Community Sustainability Update presentation to council at its regular meeting on Feb. 8.

The students surveyed residents at local events such as the craft fair, talking to students at Lacombe high school and curling with seniors.

Their research shows residents want to see more affordable senior housing, senior and youth programs, bus services and other services to help seniors stay home, a larger skate board park, more clubs for youth, tutors for youth and a positive graffiti wall.  In addition, residents want more police presence to help decrease crime and thefts.

To help achieve some of these goals the group wants to create a Clive youth charter and bring stakeholders such as seniors, Blackfalds RCMP and Lacombe County to the table.

Clive Mayor Anita Gillard said it was great data and good ideas but pointed out that some of the activities youth said they wanted for Clive, when the Village brought the activities previously, they failed. She added it may just be timing. Mayor Gillard also said Clive had a community van but no one took it and added that the Connex bus from

Lacombe still comes to Clive.

Coun. Bev Krochak said for the programs to work, parents have to step up and volunteer.

Coun. Marvin Wieler asked if residents are willing to pay more in taxes to provide the services.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney said retired teachers in the area may be willing to help students with tutoring.

CAO report
CAO Carla Kenney, in her report to council, said she attended a Regional Business Network meeting in Blackfalds on Feb. 2 and is planning a Business Walk project with Blackfalds and Rimbey for late spring 2016.

Kenney said only 127 dog licenses were issued for 2016 compared to 166 in 2015.  Reminder letters were issued to 24 dog owners and Klassic Kennels will personally contact the dog owners during regular patrols in March.

Lacombe County enforcement issued 14 fail to clear sidewalk warnings to Clive property owners on Jan. 26.

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