Students, community welcomed to Irma’s new school in opening ceremony

A historic day for Irma was on Mon. Nov. 4 as students enter their new school for the very first time.

Many gaping mouths and wide eyes took in the massive school and its modern upgrades.

Irma is a village with a population of 521 people.

The school currently has 200 students enrolled with a projection of 240 by 2021.

The community, as well as respected guests, were invited to the school’s grand opening on Fri. Nov. 22.

Speeches were given as well as an interesting timelapse video fo the school over the 15 month period it took to construct.

The school band also played a few songs like ‘Dreams of Victory’ and ‘God Save the Queen’.

Dinny Lovig, a former Irma school teacher, gave an engaging speech of the school’s history written by Ruth Archibald.

Masters of Ceremonies were students, Sinead Ford and Paige Pauls. ONPA Architects, Stantec and Chandos were the leaders in construction.

Principal Darren Grosky is elated with the upgrade.

“It’s going extremely well,” began Grosky.

“Our staff did a great job of transferring everything over from the old school to the new school and we didn’t miss any days because of it.

“The kids left on Friday at the end of their regular classes and started Monday in their new classes. It went extremely smooth because everyone pitched in and did what needed to be done to lessen the impact on the kids.”

Some of the features of the $16 million modernization include an open community library, a large common area in front of the school where they can host gatherings, a playground and community spaces available for rent.

“We have a more efficient use of space,” he said. “We have more opportunities for collaborative delivery. It’s obviously newer and less prone to weather changes.”