Structure fire on Main Street Delburne

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A structure fire on Main Street in Delburne, Alta. took place Wednesday, March 31.

Three buildings were affected by the blaze.

They were located on the south side of Main Street between 21st Ave. and 22nd Ave.

The first one farthest east was the former village office before turning into a private residence, the second housed

The Cooperators insurance and the third was a vacant building from the past couple of years but was previously a hair salon and real-estate business.

Part of Main Street remained closed off for an additional day as Red Deer County Protective Services processed the site.

To keep the area clear, protective services have security guards in place.

Residents are asked to stay away from the affected buildings and give room for crews to work.

Red Deer County, Elnora and Red Deer County Protective Services as well as Red Deer County Patrol, Three Hills RCMP and Protective Services Station 8 in Delburne attended the fire.

A cause is undetermined at this time.



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