Strome Widow’s Might event a toe-tapper

One of Strome’s Community Church volunteers, Susan Chromik, leads as she and the kitchen volunteers including, from the left, Elaine Matthiessen of Heisler and Judy Sommer of Camrose, sing an upbeat, Christian tune before the evening’s performance by Prairie West Fiddle Show comprised of Jackson and Samuel Corry of Red Deer and Strome’s own Ethan Harty. ECA Review/T.Huxley

The Strome Community Church held its 12th annual Widow’s Might event at the Strome Community Hall on Sat. April 27.

The Widow’s Might event is an evening to honour and bless the widows of our county. We were thrilled at the amazing turn out considering the inclimate weather.

This event is made possible because of the many volunteers and businesses that get on board and work together for this one biblical principle of blessing our widows.

The Heisler Catholic Women’s League (CWL) worked the kitchen and provided the salads and buns while Strome CWL provided the desserts.

Rawe’s Ranches not only provided the meat but they cooked, sliced and delivered it.

Many businesses donated door prizes and made monetary donations.

Each widow in attendance, approximately 135, went home with a carnation donated by three local florists.

This year’s entertainment was the Prairie West Fiddle Show with Jackson and Samuel Corry of Red Deer and Strome’s own Ethan Harty.

These three young men had the audience toe-tapping under their tables and hands clapping above.

Events of this calibre are only made possible when community comes together.

The Widow’s Might event was this type of an event because of the many who set aside the time to give of themselves.

Hats off to the volunteering spirit that takes place in Strome time and time again.


by Gloria Swain

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