Streets of Alliance getting some attention in rough areas

A phone call on Sunday, August 25, informed me that Margaret Thomas died at the age of 96.  She was in Killam Extended Care at the time of her passing.  Harvey and Henry are two of her sons who live in the Alliance area.

The streets of Alliance are getting some attention in the rough areas.  New asphalt repairs are filling in the spots where the streets had to be torn up for water or sewer repairs.  The railway crossing is also being repaired.

We were sorry to miss the 13th annual pig roast at Connie and Ian Beingessners on the weekend of August 10 but we can’t do everything.  I heard that it was a great feast again and a very good time of visiting with Connie’s folks, Hector and Donna Chalifoux and their extended family as well as many friends and neighbours.

A new home is expected to move onto the old Cox place just south of Paul and Velma Schofield’s.  Their daughter Ashley and partner Ben will be establishing a home there.  They have been living in a small rental in Sedgewick.

Jeremy and Cecile Huet and girls have been here for their holidays.  They spent most of the time working on the house. This work is done for some lucky new owner since the place is up for sale because the work is at Okotoks.

Peter and I, Bob and Eleanor Kuefler and our son Dan and wife Lorene Dammann took a 12 day motorcycle trip to Vancouver Island to see the sights and visit relatives and friends.

On Saturday, August 24, we had a big party in the town hall to celebrate Peter’s 65th birthday. All of our kids were home and most of the grandchildren and all three of the great grandchildren.  There were lots of local friends and neighbours out to help him celebrate, including my cousins Esther and Grant Letendre and Darlene and Ron Kalmbach of Edmonton.  Also Frona Sparks and her daughter Marlaine Adkins of Colorado Springs, Colorado came but they were already in Alberta.  Sharon Weins and Kenneth of Bowden were visiting with Sharon’s folks, George and Emma Bullee and they came along too.

The Alliance Hardware store has open doors again.  Richard has decided to give it one more try.

There is a new roof going on the bottle recycle building.  This is the old community hall building.  New owner, Pearl, has a big pot of lovely flowers blooming out front, the old kitchen is functional for her own use and the bathroom is all redone.  She won an award when a secret shopper stopped by and checked out the business.  She has more than doubled the business since she bought it.

The market was busy on Wednesday, August 21, so busy that the clam chowder was sold before I got my bowl.

The three sisters, Wilma, Sharon and Bobbi were on a trip out to the coast to visit family, and they were no sooner home when Sharon and Bobbi took off to use up the winnings they had from last years Trail of the Buffalo promotion and get their passports stamped at this year’s participating sponsors.

Pat Kowalsky took a holiday out to  Dawson Creek area to visit with family.

On Friday, August 23, Ken and Anne Clough, Patrick Clough, Shaun and Devra and two of the kids, Alex Holman (Anne’s brother)  all went on the Stettler Steam Train tour in celebration of Ken and Anne’s 50th wedding anniversary.   The trip was a gift from the family.  I think Anne told me that there were nine of them and of course, I missed someone.  Their anniversary was in April.

Doug and Judi Solonicks’ grandson, Brandon and girlfriend, Tina Goodwin from Whitehorse were visiting for a week.  They also got to visit with Marie Rands in Castor and Phyllis and Bill Alcorn.

Christine Fredrick has her mom, Ann Marie Fredrick of Slocan, BC visiting for a week.

George and Emma Bullee attended the wedding of their granddaughter, Heather (Sharon’s second daughter) on August 17.  Heather and Jason Dyck were married in a lovely outdoor ceremony on his parent’s farm near Carstairs.

Ralph and Beth Davidson are home after a trip to New Brunswick for a family reunion on Beth’s side of the family.  Now that they are home they are starting renovations on the old homestead.

Norman and Irene Brynlund were among those attending the 100th reunion of Theresetta School.Irene attended as a student and then as a teacher.

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