‘Streets have more cracks than asphalt’

Morrin village council

Dave Benci of Morrin public works reported to Morrin council at their regular meeting on Wed. June 15 that council should consider getting cracks filled on some streets.

“Some streets have more cracks than asphalt,” said Benci, when he was filling potholes, adding “it doesn’t look like it’s been cracked-filled for quite a while.”  He noted he did not have a cost for crack-filling but asked council to consider it.

He also stated he was having trouble staying on top of the grass cutting.  He reported that basically it needs cutting twice a week because of the rain.  He also informed council he was having trouble getting enough plants for the pots as they were about three-quarters done.

Council reviewed the financial statements and accounts payable, commenting that the water bill was a fair “chunk of change”.  CAO Plachner did not provide the difference in the amount, only referring to the two major water breaks being in the village of Munson which took some time for Drumheller to find and repair. The community of Morrin shares the water from Drumheller with the Starland County and Munson so the bill for the extra water usage is shared amongst the three municipalities, said Plachner.

Council signed off on the Marigold Library budget for $2940 for 2016 with an increase of $26.95 over last year.

CAO Annette Plachner noted receiving the MSI and Gas Tax grants which are going towards the water/sewer renewal project.

Four letters will be sent out to residences that are not keeping their grass trimmed and a letter for removal of a pile of gravel on the street which has been there for sometime and, according to council, is a safety issue.

In a recent correspondence from CAO Plachner, it was noted that the gravel pile had been removed the night of the meeting.

Council reviewed four applications for the one step student position for the village.  One application was from within the community of Morrin while the other three were from outside the village. Council offered the position to the resident, Anthony Huxley.

Council received a certificate from Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council for 20 years of accreditation under the Safety Codes Act.

Council noted there was a problem with one of the fire hydrants.  Three had been fixed previously but according to council, “it’s expensive, it’s not cheap”. It was suggested that CAO Plachner question the contractor for the sewer/water project to see if they could look at repairing the problem. Water comes out but not in the volumes necessary should it be needed for a fire.

Following a 20 minute in-camera session listed as legal and personal, Council motioned that as to the FOIP Commissoner and Municipal Affairs, a small portion of the November 2015 minutes be blocked out.

Eight community members attended the meeting. Next meeting is July 20.

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