Strategic planning underway

Russell Farmer of Russell Farmer and Associates Consulting met with Forestburg Council during the regular meeting of Sept 20.

Farmer and council members discussed the Village of Forestburg’s objectives and the next step in the process of strategic planning.

“Your strategic plan is a living document, it gets reviewed on a regular basis,” said Farmer.

“A strategic plan should be setting the direction for the community over the next few years,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Debra Moffatt. “It should be council’s vision of what they hope to concentrate on during their term in office.

“It should include a vision and mission statement to ensure that projects undertaken are being done to help meet council’s goals.

“A strategic plan is very important to a community to ensure that they do not get pulled in a number of different directions and have a focus for what they are doing.”

Administration is planning a public engagement session in which council members, as well as Farmer, will be in attendance.

This will be an opportunity for ratepayers to share their opinions and beliefs about Forestburg and its current path.

No longer on the market

Three industrial zoned lots located off Highway 53, currently owned by the Village of Forestburg, will no longer be listed for sale due to a motion of council.

The lots discussed will be reserved for the proposed historical park, spearheaded by Mayor Blaise Young and the Economic Development Committee.

If there is no development on these lots within three years, they will be re-added to the village’s land sales inventory.

“We need support before we can go ahead with this project,” said Mayor Young.

Young believes that the estimated $2.5 million project will not be funded by taxpayers.

“I have spent hundreds of hours searching and researching various grants,” said Mayor Young.

The reservation of these three lots will leave four industrial village-owned lots available for purchase, as well as four commercial lots. These lots have been on the market for the approximately 18 years.


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