Stop worrying about Trump

Dear Editor,

As a very busy businessman, I rarely have time to read anything that is not related to my occupation it has been brought to my attention by many of my customers of the views in your editorials.

The constant bashing of one of the greatest leaders in the world by the totally leftist media while they totally ignore the embarrassing incompetent so-called prime minister.

Everything they accuse people of is exactly what they are and do.

I deal with people all over the world and they all agree Trump is a great man who has done more for the world and his country than any leader in history.

And they agree and feel sorry for us Canadians because of the embarrassment that calls himself a leader.

We will no longer be able to advertise in your magazine if this leftist fake news continues.

Stop worrying about Trump.

He is doing fine and has fixed his country.

Worry and report on the woman-hating, law-breaking, racist leader we have in this country.

Think about what can be done to repair this once great nation and stop destroying it.


Bill Dyer, 

Erskine, Ab.


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