Still searching…

Dear Editor,

Early in December, I started my search for someone for whom I could vote: someone with integrity and honesty, someone not tainted by floor crossing and backroom deal-making.

Reports of more shenanigans in the United Conservative Party (UCP) nominations in ridings across the province lead me to believe that integrity appears to be in short supply.

However, to my list of qualifications for my choice of representative, I would like to add wisdom.

Webster’s Dictionary defines wisdom as accumulated knowledge and intelligent application of learning.

Federally, Trudeau and Scheer only present variations of very similar policies.

Provincially, both Rachel Notley and Jason Kenney, after discussions with the oil companies, came up with the same ‘plan’ of reducing Alberta’s oil production.

Would these be the same four company representatives that supported Rachel Notley’s carbon tax (one of whom promptly left the country)?

Nothing new: the same old ideas of power-greedy elites, the ideas that got us into our current mess.

Rather than intelligently applying learning and accumulated knowledge, these leaders are all politicians telling us what they think will be best for us.

What we are missing is practical wisdom or experience defined by Webster’s as “knowledge and skill derived from being engaged in a particular activity”.

Rather than having ‘dirty hands’ from party shenanigans and connections, I want a representative who is not afraid to get his hands dirty with good Alberta soil and oil.

I want someone who will listen to other hard-working Albertans and then use that accumulated practical wisdom as a basis for cutting regulations or choosing and making policies.

I am looking for a representative with integrity and practical wisdom… I’m still searching…


Pat Holloway

Castor, Ab.

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