Still more good than bad

Dear Editor,
In our world that is filled with lies, deceit, self-righteousness, power, control, hatred, ignorance, greed, etc. etc., we are in great need of hearing a good story.
The following is a very condensed version of just that.
I am a nurse at Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital in Castor where the late Joan MacGregor had resided.
Joan had originated from Toronto and had survived an abusive childhood and marriage.
She had numerous health issues when she came to Castor in 2007, however she said on many occasions Castor was the best home she ever had.
Joan absolutely loved the arts and ballet in particular.
I had taken her to see Romeo and Juliet in Edmonton and the Ballet Kelowna in Hanna.
Joan was so moved by the Kelowna performance, she informed me of her desire to leave her money to them.
“I want to help someone,” said stated.
We were fortunate enough to have her affairs in order prior to her passing in Sept. 2015. When Ballet Kelowna were made aware that they were named Joan’s beneficiary, they dedicated their entire 150moves tour of 2017 in honour of Joan.
What a beautiful legacy for such a special lady!!
As Joan had requested me to be executrix, I was invited out to Kelowna in September 2016 where I met the most wonderful and amazing group of people ever.
Joan Margaret MacGregor was one of the most genuine and sincere people I will ever have the privilege of knowing.
It is people like Joan who reaffirm my true belief, there is still more good than bad.
Rhonda Steinwand
Castor, Ab.

Castor residents had the honour of visiting Ballet Kelowna in Kelowna, Ab., from the left, Kurt Werner, Allison Lang, Heather Thompson, Ewald and Rhonda Steinwand, Valentin Chou, Desiree Bortolussr, Mark Dennis and Simone Orlando, artistic Director and CEO.

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