Stick and stone challenge

Coronation town council

Audrey Glasier presented Coronation’s town council with a “stick and stone challenge” at their regular meeting on Mon., Feb. 8.

Glasier said that “the month of February is a month that we share our feelings with our loved ones with flowers, gifts and kind gestures to show how much we care. Would it not make sense to carry that feeling throughout the year and extend it to those who need our compassion in their everyday lives?

“Our school has set aside Feb. 26, as pink shirt day as reminder to the students to show a kinder attitude toward each other. I personally feel that we are asking this group of young people to do what many of us in society, this community and even people in this very room struggle with daily.

“We are asking kids to treat each other with respect, to show empathy, to be kind, to celebrate our differences, to reach out and make people feel that they belong.  Instead we are quick to judge, we freely spread hearsay, we tear each other down when someone succeeds, we don’t tolerate different points of view and we look for fault at every opportunity.

“Children mirror their environment.  They are blank slates and we are the chalk, we imprint our behaviour on them whether it be good or bad…

“I have recently spent time with kids, where I have heard their stories about how some feel the community and society in general are against them.  They have been bullied and shunned, many are angry, hurt with their spirits broken and some are checking out.

“I came away with a sick feeling in my gut.  Do we have to wait for another teen to die because of bullying or another senior to hold up in their home because they feel worthless or not appreciated in our town?  I pray not…

“I feel we can all do a lot better.

“As leaders in our town who sit on our many boards, you were elected to represent, lead and exhibit high social standards. Here is a chance for you to shine, to show empathy, be kind and be a glowing example in our society.

“Our community challenges you to participate in the stick and stone project for 30 days.  You will be asked to carry a small stone in your pocket and be accountable for your own actions and any time you feel the urge to disrespect, gossip, belittle and be hurtful remember your stone and your commitment to be kinder and do better.

“At night when you clear out your pockets, I hope you have a clear conscience and can say I had a good day.

“At the end of this project, we would like to hear from those who have been through the challenge and we ask you share your successes, struggles or your failures with our young people in the community.

“It is up to us to have the courage to bring about a change, to encourage, to celebrate and set a new path.”

Seniors housing needs assessment
Coronation Regional Health Services and the Castor and District Housing Authority Board are working together to conduct a Seniors Housing Needs Assessment for the Paintearth region.

The Bethany Group has been hired to conduct the needs assessment and is arranging community consultations in

Castor and Coronation to meet with key stakeholders to identify all levels of housing needs within the communities.

The first Coronation consultation session will be held on Feb. 18 at 10 a.m. at the Coronation Seniors Drop In Centre.

The stakeholder groups invited to this meeting include:
Coronation Town Council and administration,  County of Paintearth Council and administration, Seniors Manors Board and administration and FCSS Board and administration.

The second Coronation consultation session will be held later that same day on Feb. 18.

The stakeholder groups invited to the second meeting  include: Physicians, Golden Age, Hospital administration, Silver Community Club, Occupational Therapy, the school, home care, food bank, bank managers, realtors and Seniors Society.

In June 2014 the Castor and District Housing Authority Board and the Coronation Regional Health Services Board met with representatives from the Alberta Government – Housing  Division.

They asked for the Boards to partner together to create a framework for a regional housing plan within the county and the towns.

The first step was to apply for a grant through the Alberta Government to complete a housing needs assessment, which was turned down several months later.

As both Boards felt it was important to complete this housing needs    assessment, the    Bethany Group was hired and is currently seeking funding opportunities through other grant programs in order to complete this project.

The comprehensive needs assessment for Paintearth County, along with the towns of Castor, Coronation and Halkirk will be commencing this year.

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