Stettler Tsunamis Swim Club celebrates success as three young athletes qualify for Provincial Meet

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The Stettler Tsunamis Swim Club is sending three swimmers to provincials June 17 and 18.

The Stettler Tsunamis Swim Club has been active since 1967 and the club is continuing to build its reputation following COVID-19 and the new coaches. The team has been coached by Jaroslav Bursik for the last four years and in that time the club has been getting stronger.

“I’m just trying to build a really fun place for the kids, they have the joy to exercise, and the friends over here,” Bursik said. “And of course, the benefit of all of this is they can make the best times and move up the grade and kind of get into bigger and bigger meets.”

Eight-year-old Ryder Martin, 11-year-old Hunter Roach and 9-year-old Addison Steinberg will be representing the Stettler Tsunamis at the Summer Festival North in Spruce Grove.

Ryder Martin, (left) and Hunter Roach preparing to dive while Addison Steinberg is swimming. They will be attending provincials June 17 and 18 representing the Stettler Tsunamis Swim Club. ECA Review/J.Campbell

The three qualifying swimmers expressed their excitement about swimming and the upcoming provincial meet.

Martin and Roach both explained they really like to swim and are going to swim their best at provincials.

“I swim for the joy of it and I like getting pushed by my coach because my coach is really good,” said Steinberg who has been in the club since she was 6 years old.

There is one more swim meet before provincials which could allow for other team members to qualify. The team will continue to practice until the provincial meet.

“Addison, she belongs to top, top three swimmers in the province in her age, which is amazing to have something like that in our small club and compete against the bigger clubs,” Bursik said.

“Hunter joined our class in September and he just keeps rolling and surprising every day, he well deserves to be at provincials. And Ryder is such a strong swimmer and he loves swimming, I see a really bright future for him.”

The three swimmers, from the left, Hunter Roach, Ryder Martin and Addison Steinberg, who will be representing the Stettler Tsunamis Swim Club at provincials June 17 and 18. ECA Review/J.Campbell

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