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Electricity retail purchase saves money
The estimated annual savings accruing to the Town of Stettler upon signing a five-year contract with Enmax for electricity is $150,000, it was noted at their regular meeting on October 2, 2013.
The new contract will charge $0.58 per kilowatt hour, versus the current contract at $0.81. Although very pleased, Assistant CAO, Greg Switensky cautioned councillors.
Transmission, distribution and administration fees associated with electricity delivery continue to increase significantly each year and will definitely offset a portion of the savings realized from the retail purchase side.

Parkland Regional Library
Councillors approved renewing their membership with the Parkland Regional Library in the amount of $7.50 per capita.  The Parkland Regional Library has member libraries in 61 villages, towns and municipalities.
Facilities enhancement grant
Stettler Skate Park Association member Heidi Fraser, with the help and support of Lee Penner, Director of Parks and Leisure Services was able to put together a successful proposal to secure a $75,000 Community Facilities Enhancement Program (EFEP) grant for the Skateboard Park.  The maximum grant available was $125,000.
In a telephone interview Fraser said they had now raised just under $200,000 with a goal of $400,000.
“When we do our different fundraisers, we always have lots of kids and parents who help out,” said Fraser, “They’re fantastic!”
The next major fundraiser is the second annual dinner and dance in December.
“If things progress as they have, we’re hoping to break ground as soon as the snow melts,” said Fraser.
Although this is not a town initiative, Assistant CAO Greg Switensky was very encouraged that the Association now has a critical mass of funds and hopefully that will help push fund raising over the top.
“It’s volunteers like Heidi Fraser, who put in hours of volunteer time, that need to get the credit,” said Switensky.

Airport operations
Chairman Garry Fix reported to the Stettler Town and County Airport Committee board meeting on September 6 that he had caught a truck on the runway.  He was able to speak to the driver about the legalities of being there.
Melissa Robbins, Director of Operations for the Town of Stettler advised that signs have been ordered and will be installed soon. One sign will stand at the main entrance and one at the pedestrian entrance. Each sign will notify the public that access to the runway is prohibited and the fine amounts will also be stated.
Metro Paving will be completing repairs to the Stettler Airport tarmac this fall.

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