Stettler Town Council

Council discussed the future of Municipal Reserve (MR) lot at 4110 – 46 Avenue in Stettler during the Town Council meeting on January 21, 2013.

The history of the parcel of land has been coloured by the location of the parcel: sitting at the intersection of 48 Avenue and 42 Street, south of Lyster Farms.

In 1993 the Town Council motioned that the land be left as a buffer zone until “the Lyster family has disposed of the property.” At present, the MR lot and Lyster Farm are in the middle of an industrial park with a long-term perspective of industrial development.

It was discussed that if the MR designation were to be removed, the Town could lease or sell the property in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, with profits used for other park related development. It was mentioned that the developing industries surround the buffer zone and area north of it, effectively surrounding the properties.

It was noted by CAO Rob Stoutenberg that approaches to the development of the lot could include going ahead with the MR disposition process and community notification to allow citizens to voice concerns or discussing the issue with the Lyster property owners to identify the plan to move into an industrial disposition.

It was also discussed that at present the lot is not in great shape due to some ailing trees with limbs fallen down due to heavy winds.

Ultimately, after an in-camera session, Council motioned to enter into discussion with the current landowners of the adjacent property in regards to the existing industrial development in the area and to determine the need for separation of the MR lot.

New warranty

Council discussed correspondence from the Government of Alberta Municipal Affairs Department regarding the New Home Buyer Protection Act (NHBPA), which comes into effect February 1 and mandates that all new homes built in Alberta must have a home warranty in place.

As per the document received, the act “applies only to new homes constructed under a building permit applied for after this section comes into force.” It was taken as information and general discussion was suggestive that Council thought it would provide new owners with some form of protection which would be a positive.


Winnie Bissett presented the 2014 budget for the Heartland Youth Center. She introduced the budget by mentioning successes the Center, which included an anticipated membership of around 300 participants, a rundown of the myriad of projects the Center has initiated successfully and the tales of two participants, Kirsten Doccerty and Dustin Jackson who both participated in and have achieved great personal and professional successes through their involvement with the Center.

The Stettler and District Handi-Bus Society also presented their budget to Council.

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