Stettler Refuge Committee formed

A Stettler Refuge Committee has been formed to make arrangements and raise money for a refugee family of up to six members from any country that is available under the sponsorship program.
The mission statement for this newly formed group is “to sponsor and support a refugee or immigrant family in need.”
They will need to raise approximately $40,000 to support their share while the government kicks in some as well for living expenses for the family for one year.
Their ‘Belief Statement’ in part, states that ‘our sense of compassion for people facing the consequences of political, racial and religious persecution compels us to respond with action.’
The committee is  holding a couple of fundraising concerts and soliciting donations from service clubs and individuals.
“We are hoping to be able to have a family arrive in time for school starting in the fall,” said Dave Goodwin of  the Phoenix House B&B.
Lucille McKee is the chairperson at 403-916-4433, or email  Other executive members include Pam Blake, Nancy Aspenes, Pastor Ross Helgeton, Kristin Siggelkow, Juliet Fairfax and Reed Smiley.
The Stettler Refugee Committee has elected the Stettler United Church to manage monies including issuing tax receipts.

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