Stettler Public Library has exciting summer packed with engaging programs 

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Banners created by the children in Sunshine Squad and Creative Crew on July 3 at the Stettler Public Library. The banners track how many hours the children have read and are updated each week, this is after one week of the program running on July 10. ECA Review/J.Campbell

Stettler Public Library kicked off an exciting summer with captivating programming designed to engage and delight the local community on July 3.

With the primary objective of fostering a love for reading and learning, the library has meticulously curated various activities and events suitable for individuals of all ages.

From July 3 to Aug. 25, the library will run programs from Monday to Friday, with an additional program scheduled for one Saturday a month.

The programming lineup varies from day to day including activities: Sunshine Squad and Curiosity Crew and they also have clubs running Wednesdays and Thursdays and spend Wednesday mornings at Rochon Sands. Friday, they have events for the entire family.

The library also runs the Summer Reading Program.

“So the reading is actually not done at the library. It’s all at home. So we don’t really do any reading with them at the library,” said Jaden Norman, a summer employee. “But we run a challenge to keep up their skills, so they’re ready for their next grade and they have different amounts they have to read and different prizes.”

The library’s summer programs have consistently drawn substantial participation in previous years. Last year alone, approximately 14 to 15 kids attended the library daily, with the majority falling between the ages of five and 14.

The young readers collectively devoured 135,000 minutes of literature, with Creative Crew reading an impressive 100,000 minutes and the younger group clocking in at 35,000 minutes.

“This year, it’s still pretty early, so I’m not sure what it’s gonna look like,” said Norman, explaining she thought they would have a similar level of children’s participation this year.

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