Stettler Peavey Mart installs electric car chargers in parking lot

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Construction is underway at Peavey Marts across Alberta to install electric car chargers in its parking lots.  Stettler’s Peavey Mart is one of those stores receiving a parking lot upgrade.
Peavey Mart has partnered with Sun Country Highway to install electric car chargers in its locations. Sun Country Highway is a business that creates infrastructure to support the use of electric vehicles.
Peavey Mart wants to become a greener and cleaner business and wants to be a destination stop for people to charge their electric vehicles.
“We want to give our customers more incentive to come here,” said Matt Dorsett, store manager at the Peavey Mart in Stettler. “Plus, the service would be free.”
So, do Albertans actually use electric cars?
“Electric cars are relatively new to the prairies,” said Vice President Chris Misch, of Sun Country Highway. “But I’ve noticed a real shift. People in Alberta want to shake the bad reputation tied to the oil sands and become a more environmentally conscious province.”
But, many people haven’t switched to using electric vehicles because there is a lack of infrastructure to support them in this province.
“Our goal is to have 95 per cent of Canadians have access to electric cars and electric car chargers,” said Misch.
Sun Country Highway has already set up electric charging stations from coast to coast on the Trans-Canada Highway.
On average electric cars sell anywhere from $33,000 – $90,000. The higher the price the more kilometres you can travel before having to recharge.
Electric car owners also have the convenience of charging their vehicles at home, saving many trips to the gas station.
And if you’re an electric car owner and you find yourself away from home and needing to recharge– there are more and more recharging stations outside of home that are popping up.

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