Stettler Council approved additional $375,000 for storm main completion

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An additional $375,000 will be pulled from Reserves to fund the completion of the storm main in Blair Boulevard from Red Willow Creek to the service road south of Highway 12.

Director of Operations for the Town of Stettler Melissa Robbins was in attendance at the September 17, 2013 Council meeting to explain the overage.

The project was originally designed and budgeted to add a twin main.  During the design phase, however, it was determined that there wasn’t enough room to twin the main and make the pipe large enough to provide enough capacity to handle the storm water. The tenders instead requested replacing the existing corrugated steel pipe with one 1200 x 1800 concrete box culvert.

The options facing Council were do nothing, complete the work over two budget years or use reserves.

“If we don’t go ahead with the complete project, it will cause prolonged disruption for that community since portions of the roadway are also scheduled for re-surfacing next year,” said Councillor Leona Thorogood

Unanimous approval was given to accept the lowest bid from Urban Dirtworks for $902,632 plus taxes, complete the project and work with the contractor to achieve cost savings. The original budget was $600,000.

The 2014 Storm Improvements include installing a new highway crossing and providing a storm main to the existing school area which collects a large volume of storm runoff from the west side of downtown.

Heating units replacement tender

Approval was given to proceed to tender for the replacement of the SRC Make up Air System and CO2 Sensor for both rinks as separate projects. The choice of whether to go forward with the non-operational one only or both will depend on the tender amount.

Office support staff

Council authorized administration to increase the 2014 operational payroll budget and create a new full-time Accounting Assistant position.  There is enough excess personnel budget in 2013 to fill the position immediately.

Garbage and recycling

Because of the good working relationship with CAN-PAK Environmental Inc., Council gave Administration authority to start negotiations with them to continue providing garbage and recycling services.  Council has the authority to sole source when it is deemed advantageous to the town.

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