Stephen Harper’s cone of silence

Dear Editor,
Having trouble telling fact from fiction in the Senate expenses scandal? There’s a reason for that.
Since the news broke that Stephen Harper’s right-hand man cut a $90,000 cheque to cover-up the potentially fraudulent expenses of Conservative Senator Mike Duffy—a potentially criminal action—Mr. Harper has consistently misled Canadians about what really happened.
He claimed his Chief of Staff, Nigel Wright, acted alone and no one else knew. In fact, court documents reveal four members of Mr. Harper’s inner circle knew.
He claimed there was no email recording the terms of the deal. In fact, his office now admits there is one.
He claimed his personal legal counsel was not involved. In fact, RCMP documents reveal that he was involved.
Mr. Harper claimed the first Senate expenses report reflected the auditors’ findings. In fact, we now know it was whitewashed to go easy on Duffy.
And that’s just what is public. The Conservatives have been accused of stonewalling the RCMP investigation into the whole tawdry affair.
Instead of giving us the straight goods, Mr. Harper has clamped down and put on a cone of silence.
Canadians expect better; they expect honest answers to serious questions about the potentially criminal behaviour at the heart of their government.
Marc Garneau, MP
Liberal Party of Canada

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