Start treating Albertans fairly

To Premier Notley and the NDP Government:
It angers me that  your government thinks they have a right to steal from me in the form of the carbon tax.
Taking tax dollars from me and giving them back to someone else because their net income is less than mine is ridiculous.  Just because my net is more than someone else’s has nothing to do with how much fuel I use.
Your plan is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth.
I worked hard all my life and saved as much as possible in order that when I retired I might be able to live comfortably.  Now you feel that you can steal my money and give it to someone else just because their net income is less.
Your government is not progressive, it is regressive.  You have no idea of how bad you are running this province into the dirt.
You may be educated but, in my opinion, you are a fool.  As I have stated before, CO2 is not a pollutant, which is what you have claimed, it is a natural element necessary to sustain life.  That is a fact that students learn in grade school.
If CO2 were really the problem, you would make it so everyone would pay the same amount of tax on what they use, not get a rebate on some of it just because you want to buy votes for the next election.
Start being fair to all Albertans and treat them equally instead of picking out different sectors and penalizing them.
Bill 6 was your first brutal penalty against a sector and you have continued to pick and choose who’s the next in line for your ill-thought out policies.
Richard Preston
Hanna, Ab.

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