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Dear Editor,

Is Canada becoming a Police State like China or North Korea where you don’t dare let your thoughts be known or you will get in trouble?

We know we haven’t had free speech in Canada for a long time especially if you happen to be in the public eye!

Now your thoughts can get you in trouble, as an Eskimo football player found out. And all he did was say what his beliefs were about queers.

He didn’t say anything bad or derogatory about them at all, but he got immediately turfed from the team.

Lots of high profile people have found this out the hard way.

Senator Lynn Beyak, Wendy Mosley, just to mention a few that shouldn’t have let their thoughts be known.

Canada’s democratic values seem to be getting eroded away little by little. Maybe we will end up being a Communist Country!

Now the Asian people in Canada seem to be getting targeted by “racist” people.

Any Asian people I know are hard working and the most congenial people there could be.

I’m sure most, if not all are true Canadians!

I’m not sure if the media is blowing this out of proportion or not, but we should all stand behind our Asian people and give them our full support, the same as we stand up for all the good people of every race in our Society!!

Robert Blagen
Youngstown, Alta.

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