Stairway at Coronation Dam project denied

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Council denied the request by Coronation Choosewell Society and the Road to Success Cancer Project, who were proposing to construct a gravel stairway on the hill at the Coronation Dam to provide a place to encourage exercise and promote fitness and wellness.
Council’s denial was based upon land ownership concerns and maintenance and liability concerns.

GaGa Ball Pit
Coronation & District Support Services (CDSS)was authorized by council to place a portable GaGa Ball Pit they have purchased at the Skateboard Park during the months of July and August each year.
The old damaged skateboard ramps will be removed.
The GaGa Ball Pit will be located at the Coronation Outreach school during the school term.

Sgt. McGunigal attended Coronation council on June 19 to propose the town supplement the hours of the shared Municipal Employee position.
Currently the part time Municipal employee in Castor provides support to the Coronation detachment every other Friday and on Court days which leaves the Castor office unattended on those days.
The proposal agreed to by council is to add 3.5 hours per week to the total hours paid in Castor to allow relief staff to come in and staff the office when the Castor employee is in Coronation at an additional annual cost of $1,046 to the town.
The town paid $7200 in 2016 for the RCMP shared position.
Cst. Jordan Tourney is now in Coronation and his family will be moving here to join him in August.
A new recruit, Trevor Voyer will be coming out of training and joining the Coronation Detachment in the coming weeks.

Unsightly premises
Correspondence was received from Herb Rock and Mervin Brigley, expressing concern with several unsightly yards and properties that exist in Coronation.
The letter encourages council to take action to get these properties cleaned up in advance of the Canada 150 and Homecoming 2017 celebrations.
The report from the Bylaw enforcement statistics for the month of May 2017 included 24 dealings with unsightly property by the bylaw officer.

Loan request
Council approved providing a short-term loan of $5,000 to the Coronation Golf Course Board, for the installation of maintenance-free deck railing, with funds to be fully repaid by July 31, 2020.
The motion also stated, that Council will consider no further requests for funding from the Golf Course Board mid-year, and that all funding requests must be submitted prior to November 30 for funds required in the following budget year.

Land Sale
Following an In Camera session council moved that the offer to sell to the Town of Coronation the residential property at 4702 Windsor Avenue be declined.

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