Staff hopeful Camp Sedgewick will open Wednesday

Camp Sedgewick trailers have arrived on the grounds.
ECA Review/Battle River School Division

We are sure you are anxious for an update on the status of our school. Here’s what we know as of Thurs. Sept. 5:

High School students and staff are getting settled at the Wild Rose Co-op Recreation Centre.

The focus of their learning during this time is core subjects only.

When high school students relocate to ‘Camp Sedgewick’ their timetable will expand to include other courses.

Students and parents are asked to keep the bus loading zone (along the west and north sides of the Rec Centre) clear.

‘Camp Sedgewick’ is progressing well. 

All of the units we need are now on-site.

Crews are working to move desks, chairs and learning resources into each unit.

Power and heat will soon be hooked up.

Staff should be able to access ‘Camp Sedgewick’ starting on Monday, Sept. 9, so they can organize their classroom spaces.

When ‘Camp Sedgewick’ does open, school buses will deliver students to the front of the school grounds.

Access to the Camp will be from the east side of the school.

Staff will park in the east parking lot and students who drive will park at the Rec Centre.

We remain hopeful that ‘Camp Sedgewick’ will open on Wednesday, Sept. 11. 

We are required to have a complete site inspection before the Camp can open.

A provincial inspector will be coming from Red Deer to do this on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 10.

We will not receive his report until later that day.

We cannot confirm that we will be “good to go” until we receive this approval.

Camp Sedgewick classrooms prepared for the anticipated opening on Wednesday.
ECA Review/Battle River School Division

We recognize the anxiety and inconvenience that this uncertainty causes, especially for families who are trying to make child care arrangements.

We will share the information about whether or not school will start as soon as we receive it, but please be aware that, at the earliest, it will be late afternoon on September 10 before we are able to let you know.

We also recognize that getting a slightly later start than usual means teachers will have to be diligent about helping students to make the best use of classroom time throughout the year.

That will be an ongoing focus for all of us.

Staff are doing everything they can to be prepared for school and are looking forward to welcoming students back as soon as possible!

We have recently updated the staff list on our school website. In addition, teachers of elementary and junior high classes are planning to contact their students by Tuesday.

Our School Office is currently located at the Wild Rose Co-op Recreation Centre, in the lobby of the curling rink/bowling alley.

Please use the west doors of the Rec Centre to visit us.

We don’t have access to the school switchboard but we do have computers, so you can also reach us by email.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us: or

By Principal William Klassen and Assistant Principal Keely Nelson

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