Spring advisory for Special Areas

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Early spring conditions, including low relative humidity levels combined with below average precipitation levels has meant an increased risk of grassfires in the region. 

A fire advisory was put in place on March 21 which advised all residents to take extreme caution and only complete necessary burning. Controlled burn notifications are being managed on a case-by-case basis, with an emphasis on strong precautions and checking and re-checking old burns. 

Over the past few years, wildfires – specifically grassfires – have become more frequent and more destructive in this region. 

To help residents better protect properties and operations, Special Areas Fire Services are highlighting some easy fire prevention techniques from FireSmart Canada. 

“Local fire departments have seen the difference fire prevention makes to reduce impacts of grassfires. 

“FireSmart applies to everyone, especially when living in the Special Areas means large distances and long travel times for fire departments. 

“Implementing FireSmart in your yard, your home, or your farming operation is an important way you can reduce your risks,” Glen Durand, Special Areas Fire Chief.”

FireSmart Canada is a national program which helps identify and reduce the risks wildfires pose to communities and structures. Originally designed for the wildland/urban interface, this initiative is now used in all areas of the province. 

For more information on FireSmart Canada, including the FireSmart Begins at Home app, visit https://firesmartcanada.ca/homeowners/



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