Spook and Spike tournament at Theresetta School

Theresetta hosted their annual Grade 5/6 Spook and Spike Tournament on Fri. Nov. 1. Schools from Christ King in Stettler and Alix were invited to participate in the tripleball tournament.

Team Synergy, the Spook and Spike 2019 Champions for the triple ball tournament on Nov. 1. From the left, back row: Coach Parker Slemp, Sierra Newman, Zachary Bennett, Summer Schulmeister and Coach Curtis Penner. Middle row: Iliann Munoz Bribiesca, Allie Weber and Owen Beaumont. Front row: Boston Slemp and Daphne Fuller. ECA Review/Submitted

Similar to volleyball, tripleball has students serving and making passes, there is just the extra element of someone throwing a ball into play to allow for a better chance at a good pass and a sustained rally.

Theresetta has a big 5/6 class this year with 26 students so they put three teams into the tournament fighting for their chance to claim victory.

All three teams played hard and worked really well together.

Two Theresetta teams made it into the final after semi final games against one Stettler team and one Alix team.

The two Knights teams battled hard against each other, the first two sets were both close and with each team winning one, it meant they had to go to a third set to determine the winner.

In the end team “Synergy” which they called themselves all day, came out as the champions.

In the end, many sets were played, multiple servers were made and students ended the day with as big of smiles on their faces as they started with, which must mean it was a great day.


by K. Smawley

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