Speeder caught with construction zone violations

A Peace Officer from Special Areas encountered a speeding vehicle in the construction zone east of Hanna on Thurs. June 3.

The vehicle was travelling 114 km/h in the marked 80 km/h zone.

Not only that, the driver passed the fully marked vehicle being operated by the Peace Officer disregarding the no-passing signs present.

When the Peace Officer activated the emergency equipment the driver continued on at 114 km/h without stopping.

The Peace Officer didn’t pursue and instead called ahead to the Oyen RCMP who located and stopped the vehicle.

The driver was charged with: Speed in a construction zone which has a fine of $297 and four demerit points; Driver failed to stop for Peace Officer which has a fine of $405 and five demerit points; Disobeying traffic control device which has a fine of $243 and two demerit points.

The driver told the RCMP that they didn’t realize the first fully marked vehicle was trying to stop them.

The RCMP would like to remind the public that even if any emergency vehicle isn’t trying to stop you, they may be on the way to an emergency and you are required to yield by pulling to the right and stopping your vehicle so the emergency vehicle can safely pass.

It may also be a situation, as in this case, that the emergency vehicle is trying to stop you.


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