Speed monitors vandalized in Elnora

Written by Terri Huxley

In the early morning of Mon. March 8, it was reported that all four-speed monitor signs within Elnora were vandalized.

Wires were pulled and cut so the electrical display nor surrounding lights could not operate.

Administration explained these are covered under insurance so that process is now underway in order to have them repaired.

Council was unsettled by the act.

Mayor Leah Nelson mentioned she felt discouraged by RCMP’s lack of reaction to follow up on community matters in the past but Three Hills RCMP Sgt. Jamie Day explained that they plan to be more present in the area, already doing so with 19 visits in the last month – the second highest attendance behind Delburne where a satellite office is set up for a member.

Report data can show spikes in crime so he has asked to have the community who acts as another set of eyes and ears to report any suspicious activity as that leads to a stronger presence.

Pumphouse water grant status

Elnora applied to the Alberta Water/Wastewater Municipal Partnership (AWWMP) in hopes of securing funding to put towards the village’s pumphouse facility.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate shared a few concerns the pumphouse is experiencing including issues with the manifold, generator, the foundation and roof, and flow metre.

The manifold is a six-inch cast iron pipe that is original to the construction of the facility in 1960 and is now in poor condition due to age and rust.

There are three wells to supply water and lines from the pumps to the manifold are not all the same size.

“There is a grave concern it could fail at any time, disrupting water service indefinitely in the community,” she said.

As for the generator, the exhaust pipe can be found red hot which is an indication of overworking to operate.

The facility itself when constructed 61-years-ago was made of cinder block.

The walls and roof have deteriorated past the point of repair and the floor is now in poor condition with holes where amendments to the distribution system were undertaken.

Lastly, the flow meter to measure output does not work at this time.

With these pressing concerns, the CAO reached out to the AWWMP administrators to see when the new accepted projects applications will be announced.

They are also in the process of planning their capital projects for the year but also want an answer they can incorporate into this.

Denette Leask of Alberta Transportation replied saying that project approvals are announced after fiscal year end but with the limited budget and ongoing demand for the program, she was unsure if any new approvals will be given this year.

Council passed a motion, directing the CAO to respond by reiterating their concerns as the facility has been failed as non-compliant.

Public washroom enquiry

A letter from resident Jack Scott asked the village about having the public washrooms open year round and to have a space for truckers to park.

He emphasized the need for public washrooms as he explained in his letter that many people from Highway 21 come to Elnora for this purpose but often have no place to go other than the hotel or someone’s home.

Council had previously discussed this matter when it was raised by the same resident approximately three years ago but it was decided then that the cost to construct a washroom and maintain it 24/7 was not financially feasible.

This time around it was mentioned a couple specific grants could be useful in obtaining funding to renovate the campground washrooms to accommodate all-year-round access.

Council agreed it was something to look at in the future and was perfect for any grant-ready projects that require quick turnaround times to submit.

As for the second concern of large truck parking, Scott said, “People don’t realize for every truck is a job and a family. I may be driving truck soon. If I can’t bring my truck home I will move.”

In council’s current traffic control bylaw, it prohibits the parking of trucks and trailers on village streets.


Perry Warner Plumbing submitted an invoice for $1,428 to supply and install a water heater at the Elnora Fire Hall as well as travel and discharge expenses.

The hall was noted as non-compliant under safety codes so the work was mandated.

This project is now completed. Council accepted this as information as a motion was already made to pay for this.

Another repair needing attention was the garbage truck.

A motion was passed to pay for the  necessary alterations at $4,833.47.

The truck was beginning to smell like gas from a leak.

Glover inspected it and did some other inspection items but ultimately determined there was no leak.

Council noted the inspection was pricey but also showed the truck’s age with how much help it needed.

It was suggested the village look into starting to prolong the life of the truck by limiting the amounts of garbage bags one can have in a week.

This option will be reviewed at a later date.

Library bulletin board

The local library bulletin board will soon be replaced.

Council first agreed to defer the decision to dedicate dollars after it was noted local contractors had not been approached about doing the work.

The sprucing up includes a new door and glass to use. The current door does not slide smoothly.

Bullet Contracting gave a quote of $462 for the removal and installation of the new board while Another $1428.84 for the tempered glass.

The 2020 interim budget has allocated $3,000 for repairs.


Terri Huxley

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