Speed monitor damaged

One of Elnora’s speed monitors sustained damage after being vandalized in March.

Public Works Foreman Rod Rintoul will be troubleshooting the damage sustained by the speed monitor to determine the scope of repair and quotes can be obtained to determine if it can be repaired or replaced.

The speed monitor in question was located at the eastern boundary of the Village of Elnora at the corner to Princess Street and Township Road 352. 

Council accepted this as information.

Restorative justice

The Three Hills Restorative Justice Society is a not-for-profit organization that approaches managing crime and resolving conflict with the use of community.

It has been operating since 2013 and services communities including Delburne, Elnora, Three Hills, Trochu, Acme, Linden, Carbon and Torrington.

The Village of Elnora made it clear they would support the continuation of this organization by passing a motion to reallocate $1,000 from administration’s travel budget to the society.

Administration had budgeted $1,250 for 2020 but to date only $75 has been expended (with a possible additional $75 pending) which left a balance of $1,100 to be spent.

Public library budget

Elnora’s Public Library presented a budget to council for the upcoming 2021 year.

Cheryl Warren, treasurer stated that local funding was left at $4,000.

With the library being closed for a couple of months, they were able to find some extra funding and donations from last year.

“We are unsure of what the next increase in carbon tax will be and how that will affect our budget but the leftover funds from last year should cover that,” said Warren in her letter to council.

For the past couple of years, the Friends of the Elnora Library have donated funds to hire a social media/web person. That funding has been spent but the library has decided to continue with the position for six months by using unspent donations to cover the cost. 

A modest COVID-19 budget of $500 was also created for expenses.

“It is our endeavour to have the library fully operational soon and once again be that hub for our community,” she said.

MLA Dreeshen presentation

Sylvan Lake-Innisfail MLA Devin Dreeshan appeared in council chambers for a presentation on topics pertaining to the village.

He spoke to Constituency Week, COVID-19 and economic recovery and then opened up conversation with council on municipal stimulus program, grant applications, the MOST grant, broadband to rural Alberta following the federal announcement on Mon. Nov. 9.

Also in conversation was the Heritage Trust fund status and seniors manors with proposed amalgamations and concerns.

Muniware software agreement

Muniware, Elnora’s municipal information system has sent in a new software support agreement and license for 2021.

Prices are said to be the same as this year including billable services at $100 per hour, travel time at $50 per hour, mileage at 58 cents per kilometre and emergency services at $150 per hour.

Council agreed to sign both documents.


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