Speed limits questioned

Youngstown School Parent Council requested to Alberta Transportation the Highway 9 speed limit through the village drop to 80 km/h.

Council discussed the findings at their March 2 meeting.

Two representatives from the ministry gave a presentation explaining how lowering the speed limit through Youngstown was not feasible, even with a school directly along the popular corridor.

They talked about adding some additional signage on the highway instead to warn drivers of the school’s presence.

In the presentation, it was mentioned that the community of Jenner was having problems with their school zone as it drops from 100km/h to 50km/h when driving by but will soon be increased to 70km/h ‘because it is causing too many problems,” said CAO Garlock.

Poor pavement conditions

CAO Garlock told council about the progress towards fixing the current pavement conditions and extreme potholes on Hwy. 9.

A solar panel sign beginning in the west at Stanmore notifies drivers of the numerous issues for the next 21 kilometres.

Bus drivers, in particular, are concerned about the road’s condition as they fear the potholes and other issues are severe enough to be potentially dangerous to all occupants on board.

A letter to Prairie Land Regional Division’s superintendent Cam McKeag was sent by the CAO outlining how truly concerned the village is as well as the bus drivers.

Villagers have also taken it upon themselves to create a petition to show the importance of having this highway re-paved sooner rather than later.

“People wreck things – they wreck tires, rims…” said Laughlin.

Hall Upgrades

The Youngstown Hall is getting a few updates after Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding was officially approved.

Youngstown council, at their meeting on Mon. March 2, were given confirmation that the hall will have the new basketball hoops and school clocks covered by MSI. 

The recreation board will now have their money back as they had originally fronted the money to make it happen if the MSI funding did not go through.

Special Areas ICF

Youngstown has officially passed a motion to enter into an inter-collaboration framework (ICF) agreement with Special Areas after a motion was carried.

Special Areas is still in the process of gathering input and evaluating ICFs for the communities of Veteran, Consort, County of Paintearth, MD of Provost, MD of Acadia, Drumheller, Wheatland County and County of Newell.

It plans to hold public hearings to gather input from interested and affected parties.


Terri Huxley
ECA Review

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